Fortune Teller

I am very excited that my next release, Fortune Teller: Soothsayer Supplement is almost complete. This is easily compatible with any Role Playing Game. What does the future hold for you campaign? Let the dice decide!

Can you read this?

Not everyone can read the fine print! Beautiful maps are nice, until you need a magnifying glass to find the encounter markers. Isle of Dragons uses a simple, readable, font and simple map designs to make the Narrator’s job easier. Now you can play in a darkened room, or not struggle with your reading glasses!

Storytelling Collective

This month I am participating in an online program designed to help new authors publish one-shot adventures. I attended 3 similar seminars at GenCon this year and found them very inspiring.


I am pleased to announce a new you tube channel featuring background gaming music. I have created an opening title theme with music by the talented Christian Andersson at Craze Music.

You can find the Isle of Dragons channel at:

Isle of Dragons episodes are written in a screenplay format. Music cues are written into the “script”. The opening battle in Episode 1 also features a piece by Mr. Andersson. His web site can be found here:

Character balance

A central goal of the game mechanics is to create equal opportunities for all the players to shine. The different character types have abilities that, though different and customizable, are roughly equal in strength. Magic and physical attacks cause the same amount of damage. Health and bonuses are equal regardless of the character type. This is to keep players from feeling left out just because they rolled some bad stats on day one. This also prevents experienced players from exploiting their knowledge of the rules to create super characters that take all the glory.