Gaming Dungeon

The Isle of Dragons starter set is now available in Washington PA. Support brick and morter game stores and save off the online price! Thanks Anthony!

Video Interview

The short interview I did at the Day of the Developers event at Gamemasters has been released! Special thanks for this one minute game overview, the people there are great! Click on the logo below to watch it on Youtube.

Episode 3: Misty Wood

Released on DriveThruRPG today, the newest adventure will follow the characters as they head North to find the Reapers lair. New episodes usually drop on the first Sunday of the month. Stay tuned!

Pilot Episode:

Let me know what you guys think! This is short Episode I wrote for demonstration play. It is a one shot that take about 30 minutes to run. Lots of things are happening. The character sheets and Director’s screen are on DriveThruRPG.COM. This episode is in queue for release Tuesday or Wednesday.