Tabletop vs Parlour Game

One of the goals of the game is for the rules to be simple enough to allow free-form narrative. I prefer a system where rule decisions can be made on the fly. A system that can resolve situations quickly yet still be complex enough to be enjoyable. The commonly used tables can be quickly accessed on the narrator screen. To play, the narrator will rarely need to consult the guides. All that is needed are the map, room descriptions (provided with each episode), a pair of dice and a notepad for tracking health during combat. I have tried to make it possible to play without sitting around a large table.

Magic for muggles

One of my goals with this game was to create a kid friendly magic system. Simple without the dark occult elements associated with witchcraft. Magic in the game falls into two categories. The first being an inborn talent, much like the powers of a comic book superhero. The second type requires a magic wand but is not covered in the Player’s Guide. The use of wands and magic words is left to be discovered during the course of the game. It can be part of the adventure or can be omitted if it is something you are not comfortable with. I grew up during the Dungeon’s and Dragon’s “satanic panic” in the 1980s and wanted to be sure this game did not have elements that are associated with devil worship or the occult.

No school like the old school…

A little background… I wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons with my 5 year old daughter. I’ve been playing for forty years and put together a one shot adventure based on her favorite movie, Frozen. She was Elsa, mommy was Anna and I was Kristof. We recovered the Orb of Arendale and defeated the Duke of Weaselton. I used the rules from the basic set I bought in 1981. But, I wanted a more child friendly rule set. I went back to a d6 based system I wrote in 1983 called Blaster. Well, I’ve been working on a revised “simpler” system for two years now. It’s easy to learn, easy to play but also has a detailed game world allowing the game to grow and evolve. I’ve had a great time putting it together and hope you enjoy it!