No school like the old school…

A little background… I wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons with my 5 year old daughter. I’ve been playing for forty years and put together a one shot adventure based on her favorite movie, Frozen. She was Elsa, mommy was Anna and I was Kristof. We recovered the Orb of Arendale and defeated the Duke of Weaselton. I used the rules from the basic set I bought in 1981. But, I wanted a more child friendly rule set. I went back to a d6 based system I wrote in 1983 called Blaster. Well, I’ve been working on a revised “simpler” system for two years now. It’s easy to learn, easy to play but also has a detailed game world allowing the game to grow and evolve. I’ve had a great time putting it together and hope you enjoy it!

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